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Are you interested in commissioning an original Artwork By Alia piece?

The whole commission experience was a breeze! So fun and easy. I am so happy with my final art piece, it is the perfect addition to my home.

Nolan Thomson, Collector

Copy of Autumn Mood Board.png

Here is the whole process if you are considering getting a commission done by me. Every piece I do is different because it is designed around the individual client and their home, style, and budget. 

1. Price List

Upon inquiry, you can ask me for a price list which I will send to you. 
These prices are based on readily available canvas sizes. If you would like to commission a certain size that isn't on the price list, I can send quotes for that specific size. Each canvas price varies on size, framing, and if postage is required.

2. Initial Consultation 
The process of the initial consultation is completely free. Every piece and every client is different. Whether you have a very clear idea of what you want, and others who want more of a design lead from me as to what will look good in their chosen room. I can provide ideas or colors and styles, and suggestions on sizing if you aren't sure what will work. 

3. Design Lead & Colour Palette
I ask clients to send a palette through of their desired color scheme and the room where the art will be going. If you aren't sure of what you want, I can work up a mood board for us to agree on. 


4. The Painting Process / Finalising 
I'll send you pictures, talk you through what I've done, and then ask for your feedback. I can tweak colors, add more and take away to suit your requests. 

5. Postage
When the painting has been finalized and you are sure you love it, I'll then ask for final payment and will send it out. Most postage I use is tracked and insured to make sure your piece gets to you safely. Postage may need to be added after purchase. 

6. The End!

You end up with a lovely, unique painting for your home. Contact me via my email or on Instagram with any questions. 

Inspiration images sourced from Pinterest - Art by Kaleen Cameron in the top corner, on the right bottom corner is Joy Kinna and on the left is Irene de Klerk Wolters. 

Commissions: Welcome
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