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Alia Brown


Alia Brown

Artist Profile

Alia Brown's work has been described as the perfect compliment to the modern home. Something that is sure to catch the eye of those who enter your space. Due to the unique nature of each of Alia's originals, you will truly own something that is one of a kind. Alia's vision for Artwork By Alia is to make art for everyone; "I want people to be able to have something in their home that brings them joy when they see it." Her goal is to change the way people interact with art and have them fall in love with the intangible emotion behind each piece. Alia is most inspired by abstract ideas and emotions portrayed through her artwork.


Alia Brown is an abstract artist located in Toronto, Canada. She has a bachelor of arts degree from Queen's University and a diploma in Event Management and Creative Design from Seneca College.


If her style speaks to you, she would love to work with you in the future. Please be in touch to find out more and to discuss how to collaborate on what you have in mind.

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